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Formation of the 1st Hospitality and Tourism Faculty in Thailand. The PSU Phuket campus was established in 1993, having grown from the Phuket Community College (PCC). The Phuket Community College was the first community college to be founded in Thailand. PCC historically served the special needs of the island by offering programs such as mining, rubber technology, agriculture, and aquaculture. It continues to act as a leading organization in providing the knowledge and innovation from the university in response to the need for improvement and life-long learning for both local and global communities.


In order to serve the quickly developing needs of the tourism industry in Thailand, and especially along the Andaman Sea coast, the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism (FHT) began enrolling students in 1994. The Faculty of Hotel and Tourism was highly successful in supporting the tourism industry in Phuket and other Thai tourist locations. The program developed a special ability to teach languages based on the work of the Institute of Languages. Asian languages offered included Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. European languages included French, German and Spanish. While the ability to speak English was a prerequisite for admission into the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism, all students also studied English to enhance their communication skills.


Growth In 2002, after the addition of the International Business in China (IBC) program in 2001 the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism merged with the Faculty of Service Industries (FSI). This program was developed in response to the increase in trade and travel between Thailand and China. A second program, Chinese Studies (CNS), was added in 2004. A third new program, Thai Studies (THS), was introduced in 2005. This program offers Thai and international students a broad range of courses designed to support the preservation of Thai culture and prepare the students to work in a variety of fields including, of course, tourism.


Extending Educational Boundaries In 2003 is FHT introduced the Masters of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism. The M.B.A. program attracts students from Thailand as well as countries as far away as Ecuador. The philosophy of this program is to prepare students for leadership positions in the hospitality and tourism industry in both Thailand and the broader global marketplace.


Rebranding When FIS developed from the Faculty of Service Industries, the original Faculty of Hotel and Tourism was rebranded as the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (again, FHT). This Faculty has also grown and diversified. There are two programs, one focusing on the hospitality industry with specializations in Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Services Management, Convention and Event Management, and Spa Management. The other programs focus on tourism with specializations in Travel and Tour Management and Transportation Services Management. These disciplines were developed in response to the targeted needs of the industry.


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