Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (FHT), PSU Phuket Campus, Thailand


Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism
Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus





About FHT




Vision, Mission and Goals



Vision: Asia’s Education Hub of Hospitality and Tourism.


Mission: To develop competent graduates, knowledge, research, and academic services in hospitality and tourism management to meet international standards whilst presenting Thai integrity.



FHT Strategic Plan  2016-2017



21st Century Education: Produce quality graduates who have the 21st Century learning competence and be ready for the international labour market on the premise of morality, ethics and pride of Thainess and Prince of Songkla University.



Creation of innovative research: Produce internationally-recongised publications through research and graduate studies.



Internationalisation: Develop the faculty to be Education Hub in hospitality and Tourism Industry in Asia and prepare supportive systems for internationalization.



Management for Greater Quality: Develop management processes that encourage good governance principles, maintain the integrity of Thai culture, and foster internationalization.



Integrated and creative marketing communication: To promote Faculty for nationally and internationally recognition.



Academic services for sustainable development: Provide academic services which are able to support the society and industry's need for the sustainable development.




Resolution"Our soul is for the benefit of mankind"


Corporate Culture: A learning organization with inspiring commitment, teamwork-oriented in multi-cultural diversity, public mindedness, and effective integration of Thai and international cultures.


Core Value: PRIDE


• Professionalism (P)

• Research-oriented (R)

• International Competence (I)

• Diversity (D)

• Ethics (E)


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