Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (FHT), PSU Phuket Campus, Thailand


Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism
Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus





Bachelor Degree Program (BBA)




FHT Internship Objectives 

1. Students are able to learn and to gain professional skills from industrial experts under supervision of their heads of departments. 


2. Students are able to integrate theories from classes with learning process from hospitality and tourism.


3. Students are able to learn, to observe, and to practice variety of tasks from operational to managerial levels.


4. Students can developed interpersonal skills and competencies during training with other associates both individual and team.


5. Students are familiar with routine working and are responsible to organization. 


6. After students completed internship, they can evaluate themselves and do their life planning with clear personal objective or goal.





To Integrate Academic Knowledge Gained through Professional Hospitality and Tourism Internship Experience which Related to Industry needs 





To produce Hospitality and Tourism students with well-rounded and professional skills with the moral integrity, international market competency, and positive attitude. Such students will subsequently gain a better understanding of Thai-ness, life skills, and public awareness. 


Strategic Objectives and Goals 2011-2014 


1. To integrate theory knowledge in class through practical training in the hospitality and tourism industry.


2. To create the practical training competency in hospitality and tourism which related to ASEAN Tourism Curriculum & Regional Qualifications & Skills Recognitions Systems Tourism Curriculum & Regional Qualifications& Skills Recognitions Systems.


3. To create and develop information technology for internship in order to absorb the internship site selection process, follow up and evaluation.


4. To develop the internship courses regarding to Thai Qualification Framework (TQF).


5. To create networking and develop co-operation for internship with hospitality and tourism industry both regional and international.


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